Hi, welcome and feel inspired!

I am Vica and this is my space where I love to share my passion for photography.

You will find here mostly images of nature, moments of weather, still life and random thoughts. I almost don't have images of people and still figuring out why, but maybe one reason could be that humans are made to express themselves in so many ways: visual, verbal, sentimental, emotional, artistic..., while things that surround us have only the visual way of telling something.

I love flowers and this is why, I have started a photographic project called Flowers as Poetry where on every single day in March, starting 2010, I have posted a picture with flowers or a beautiful quote.

In terms of photo gadgets I am still learning and discovering new techniques, but I have experimented so far with these cameras: Smena 8M, Canon PowerShot A70, Olympus c7070, Canon EOS 1Ds. In February 2011, after almost 2 years of playing with few cameras, I've decided to start a new journey with a Sony NEX-5.

If you a curious to find more about me, I share bits of my other passions here: my creative space on Flying Umbrellas and some travelling stories on Blovika.