Crispy Voices


Alexandru said...

I don't get the title ... :)

victoria said...

Ops, it seems that I got some problems with my comments and got one by email from Katie

"Hi Vica. I love the light in these pictures. Love the light in all of your pictures, it seems. :)
I didn't quite understand the title either, though. Would you explain the symbolism here?"

Oki.. as I've caused you a little ambiguity with the title, I will try a short explanation:

The 'crispy voices' title came up very instantaneously, during the photo shutting, when I discovered how fragile are the glass walls. Also, those flowers are dry now, but still when I got them in a pot, they where making a 'crispy' noise.. as in a filed of dry wheat..

So simple.. isn't it?

Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

That makes sense! I think I would have said "crisp" because for me, "crispy" tends to refer more to food like KFC's crispy chicken. I appreciate the story behind the title. (hope my comment posts) :)

Alexandru said...

Now it all makes sense :)